Wichwachwouch! (45min - from 4 years)

Mr Stekel has built a house.
In a place where no one wants to live.
There is nothing and yet everything.
Stekel likes that.
Suddenly an unexpected visit! Invisible yet visible.
The tree rocks, the shutter opens, the ground moves…
Is he in?
Does Stekel dream? Or does he really fly with the wind above the water?

A musical and visual show with a touch of humor and absurdity.
Where waste material gets a new life and dead-dyed plastic may also be beautiful.

Concept and performance: Vincent Verbeeck and Hannes Goffin
Music: Vincent Verbeeck
Décor: Hannes Goffin
Coaching: Micheline Vandepoel

With thanks to CC De Schakel (Waregem), GC De Kluize (Oosterzele), GC Ten Weyngaert (Vorst), CC Deurne, Jan Hongenaert, Joris Gulders, Elisabeth Verbeeck (technics) en Sophie Vanhomwegen (teaser)