Hug You! Walking act

After so many years!
Still ...

For both
young and old, ...
a moment full of interaction, intimacy and laughter!
A moment where a person can enjoy connection in the here and now in a funny way.
An incentive for those who haven't been able to laugh for a long time!

This act brings people together through its hilarity!
An act that continues to grow internationally in interacting with the spectator.

Our act Hug You!

Are they here? They are! Out of the blue... beside you, in front of your car, on your lap... or they take you with them to wherever they go!

Hug You! are two bizarre and absurd characters that just love to interact with the passer-by.
Themes for their performances are love, warm-heartedness, kidnappings, chaos,... or death scenes, maybe taking place right in front of you.

The one moment they’re there and the next they have just vanished! This act is entirely made of improvisations with and around the passers-by. Daring, but with subtle humour!

From international street theatre festivals to receptions in your neighbourhood.

Technical data

To be provided for by the organiser

  • A room backstage near the performance area, where the artists can change clothes and warm up
  • A table, two chairs, a washbasin, a mirror and a shower
  • A lockable room to store the equipment (and to prevent theft)
  • Two meals (one of which vegetarian)
  • 2 bottles of water
  • Parking near the backstage area and parking tickets
  • Insurance coverage for the artists and their equipment
  • Break: min 30 min, after each act