Coming home… Please!

One man.
Alone in his cottage.
Lonely and desperate.
Deprived of his love and happiness...
Is looking for, find and go to extremes to win his only lover back!

An international circle act full of interaction, mime, humor, music and absurdities of Duo Abbraccio!

Technical data

To be provided for by the organiser

  • A room backstage near the performance area, where the artists can change clothes and warm up A table, one chairs, a washbasin, a mirror and a shower

  • A lockable room to store the equipment (and to prevent theft)

  • One meal (vegetarian)
    2 bottles of water

  • Parking near the backstage area and parking tickets

  • Insurance coverage for the artists and their equipment

  • Break: min 45 min, after each act

  • Surface: 6m/4m height 4m

  • electricity: 220V

  • Possibility: benches or stand to the public